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Cait Godfrey

200 hr RYT Budokon University 

Growing up in a very active family, Cait tried her hand in almost every sport but was quickly dismayed. Always being drawn to the natural world and the outdoors, this is where she found she loved to move, be it a long hike or a walk along the beach. In 2012 she found her passion for movement in Yoga. She was introduced to a local studio by a close friend, and the moving meditation of yoga completely enchanted her. After practicing seriously for about 4 years, she decided to enroll in a Teacher Training in hopes of spreading the transformation she experienced to others. 


Budokon Yoga was introduced to her through a sub in a regular vinyasa class. It immediately caught her attention as an exciting new style. So when she decided to take her teacher training, this was the style she chose to train in. Budokon Academy is based in Miami, and was born of the integration of many traditions studied by founder Cameron Shayne. Drawing from jiu jitsu, tae kwondo, karate, yoga and modern dance Cameron created Budokon. The academy today trains mixed movement artists, featuring a sampling of yoga, calisthenics and mobility. 


Cait is honored to introduce Budokon Yoga’s Primary Series to the East End!

 “ The way you do anything is the way you do everything"
- Cameron Shayne (founder of Budokon)