Lean & Green Egg White Omlette

My favorite way to fuel in the morning is with a lean source of protein and something green! This omlette can made with a full eggs as well, that will add more fat and calories to your plate. For me, I prefer to eat my fats in avocado form. Depending on your goals and calculated macronutrients, you can pick your egg of choice! You will feel full, nourished and ready to crush your day.


1 cup liquid egg whites

1 cup kale

2 slices tempeh bacon

Coating of coconut oil spray

  1. Spray pan to avoid burning

  2. Sautee kale and tempeh bacon until warm or crispy

  3. Add cup of egg whites

  4. At a medium temperature add lid to pan until eggs are 80% cooked

  5. Flip into an omlette shape and season with pepper & noosh (nutritional yeast)

  6. Chop up 1/4 of an avocado for garnish or side.


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