Consult with your doctor before preforming any Hamptons Wellness on Wheels Exercise Programs or Meal Suggestions. Hamptons Wellness on Wheels is not liable for any injuries or discomforts caused by Exercise Programs or Meal Suggestions. Hamptons Wellness on Wheels are not Nutritionists or Dietitians, these are recommendations based on our knowledge and practices as Certified Personal Trainers.

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NEW  Online Programing

Get your workout done at home !! 

HWOW is proud to present Online Exercise Coaching

Personalized programs tailored to the clients goals and abilities.

Receive your 6 week program, exercise directory and

Email access for all of your fitness questions!

Let's add the nutrition !!

HWOW Partnered up with Beliete Nutrition

To guide you through your personalized meal plans and

Exercise programs

Create your heathy world with fitness pin-pals!

Just a handful of steps and you're ready:

  1. Complete your health questionnaire 

  2. Participate in an over the phone assessment

  3. Create a SMART goal

  4. Get ready for your program to arrive!


Each program includes 6 weeks of Meal Planing and Exercises!

Email access to your Personal Trainer and Nutritionist!

To get started, submit your name and email address below and a

HWOW Trainer will contact you from