Consult with your doctor before preforming any Hamptons Wellness on Wheels Exercise Programs or Meal Suggestions. Hamptons Wellness on Wheels is not liable for any injuries or discomforts caused by Exercise Programs or Meal Suggestions. Hamptons Wellness on Wheels are not Nutritionists or Dietitians, these are recommendations based on our knowledge and practices as Certified Personal Trainers.

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Wellness Support Groups


Orientation Reception 

Saturday February 11th 2017 at 12pm to 2pm

In the Municipal Building across the lot of the Tennis Club

Drop in, bring the family, have a snack and meet 

Me! Sara Colletti for an afternoon of healthy chit chat!!

East Hampton Indoor Tennis

175 Daniels Hole Rd, East Hampton NY 11937

March 6th 2017

Monday evenings at 3:30pm

5 Week Program

Whether we have a picky eater on our hands or

We just want to educate ourselves while spending time with our family. 

Make your home a healthy one!


Starting March 6th 2017 a

Healthy Family Workshop & Support

Will begin at the East Hampton Indoor Tennis Club. 


Please join me once a week to learn, create, strengthen our hearts and

Become in touch with bodies nutritional needs. 

For a series of 5 classes, we will meet each 

Monday evening to welcome wellness into our week.

Together each week we will:


  • Optionally record body weight or body measurements


  • Listen to a educational nutritional lecture 


  • Either a hands on activity or presentation


  • Engage in a group discussion regarding our struggles achievements or goals


  • Open floor for Q&A's about anything and everything HEALTHY


  • Additional take home material to insure your wellness for the week!


Age rage from 6yrs to 12 yrs

 Creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle is more than

Exercising and portion control.

It's proceeding on a path that teaches us, engages us, promotes

Sustainable energy and inner peace.


 Together we will learn the fundamentals of creating our own wellness path

Sharing our strengths and weaknesses

Maintaining accountability with one and other

Encouraging our accomplishments

You have the choice to choose what steps you will take on your wellness conquest. Never do what your not completely comfortable with. You have the option to submit monthly weigh ins, body measurements, body composition, participate in group discussions, share your story, listen and take in your surroundings or be  support for a friend .

Interested in hosting a Wellness Support Group

At your facility or home for adults or children?

"If you want to build a ship, don't

drum up people together to collect

wood and don't assign them 

tasks and work, but rather teach

them to long for the endless

immensity of the sea."

 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry